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Friday, 14 February 2014 | 05:26 | 0 comments
TGB, the place where I learned a lot about friendship. I'm not like before. My concern is more into friendship. However, I still focused in my studies for SPM. Talking about SPM,  Alhamdulillah, I had done my best, so let Allah do the rest because Allah knows best. Pray for me guys. May the results would able to help me to get closer to Allah S.W.T. and also make my parents and family proud. Ameenn..

Friendship is not about commonalities, it is about how we understand each other's differences. Each in everyone of us have different personalities, maybe, we have something in common but we are totally different. If we are real friend, we should accept the GOOD AND BAD characteristics of our friends as they accept us for who we are.

On the authority of Abu Hurairah RA who said: 
The Messenger of Allah S.A.W. said, "Do not envy one another, and do not inflate prices for one another, and do not hate one another, and do not turn away from one another, and do not undercut one another in trade, but rather be slaves of Allah and brothers among yourselves. A muslim is the brother of a Muslim: he does not oppress him, nor does he fail him, nor does he lie to him, nor does he hold him in contempt. Taqwa piety) is right there (and he pointed to his chest three times). It is eveil enough for a man to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. The whole of a Muslim is inviolable for another Muslim: his blood, his property, and his honour." [Muslim] 

  For the good and the bad,
the opportunities and the downfall,
the highs and the lows,
the laughter  and the tears,
I should be saying Alhamdulillah.

You don't know what are His plans for you, so we shouldn't question why. May Allah SWT ease our journey and fill it with endless blessing and rezeki. Ameenn..

Spread the message, although it is only one verse :)

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